Sunday, February 05, 2012

What is Happening in Your World?

I have neglected my blog for several reasons. Among them are:

1. I am in the final editing stages of my book, and that has taken every writing minute.

2. Big changes have been happening at my beloved agency involving a lot of time and emotions

3. And let’s not even get into the injured knee and the abcessed tooth..

Now it’s time to check in again and I’d like to hear from you. What has been going on in your wold? How has your implementation of trauma informed care been going? What are the stress points? Any dilemmas that you would like help with? Have you been affected by budget cuts and if so, how does it affect your provision of trauma informed care? Any recent success stories?

I would reall like to reconnect with you. I can even throw in a copy of my book A Kid’s View of Trauma, a book to use for psycho ed for kids about trauma for anyone who responds. So please, hit comment below and respond to these questions.

I look forward to hearing from you and to restarting and revitalizing this blog.


Arthur Becker-Weidman, PhD said...

Sorry about your knee.

Say for a book, why not?

Things are going well at my clinic, We've many families coming in for evaluations and treatment from all over the US. I just finished work on two books, one for ATTACh, The Attachment Therapy Companion, to be published this spring by Norton, and The Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Primer, due out this Spring as well.

My biggest dilemma is that I'd like to add more staff, but cannot find anyone appropriately trained in the treatment of complex trauma and disorders of attachment nor anyone wanting to be trained in that work; except recent graduates, who, in my opinion, just don't have enough training or experience to begin this work right out of school.
Funding has been no problem.


SB said...

So sorry about the knee and tooth.

Things are well but I struggle every day with helping direct care staff understanding the trauma model. I find that I am sometimes left to put out the fires (so to speak) that are left from the interactions between staff and kids in our residential program.

marythemom said...

I'm a therapeutic parent with both of my children of trauma currently out of the home.

DD(16) went into long term residential treatment in December after 8 psychiatric hospitalizations in 9 months, and I'm struggling to learn more about DBT and how it can be adapted to meet her cognitive issues. DS(18) decided he didn't want to accept the consequences of his actions so he moved out last week.

So now I'm job hunting trying to find a job using my MS in Social Work after letting my license lapse a few years ago, but knowing that my daughter could be released at any time and will probably need line of sight supervision again.

Very interested in your book.


me said...


I am new to this blog but it caught my eye!! I would love a copy of this book! I am a school social worker and see how trauma effects kids everyday. Schools everywhere have been affected by budget cuts. I also see the economy effecting parents ability to take their kids to outside counseling, so at the school level I think we work with a lot more kids on traumatic issues.

Patricia Wilcox, LCSW said...

I am delighted to hear from all of you!
Arthur I look forward to reading your new books. I will review them here and/or in our newsletter.
I certainly share your experience of the difficulty of finding well trained clinicians.
SB It is very difficult to maintain a trauma model in the mileu. Risking Connection training helps but you still need ongoing training. Good luck.

Mary I hope you are having good experiences with residential. We use DBT in our treatment and find it is very helpful in teaching these kids the skills they need. And we staff and families can use the skills too!
Chris keep up the good work in the schools.
If any of you email me at I will send you a copy of my book for kids about trauma.
Keep in touch!