Sunday, November 09, 2014

Partner for Healing

I would like to invite all followers of this blog to join me at:

Please join our new community.

We are dedicated to supporting you with usable tools to solve problems, assist in training, and increase the effectiveness of the treatment that you offer to trauma survivors.

Already we have offered a checklist for how administration can support trauma-informed care, and another one for support staff. We have shared a training tool for tackling staff resistance. We provided an infographic about what trauma-informed care really is, and another providing steps for beginning your transformation. We just added a blog post about how being a trauma survivor affects being a parent. More valuable resources will be coming on topics like trauma-informed treatment planning, behavior management in foster care, and vicarious traumatization. 

You can't afford to miss all these free tools! Please head to:


Partner for Healing

and join us now.

We have developed an online support service to help you offer the effective and powerful healing that you want to provide.

We are on your side as you do the difficult work of offering hope and healing to survivors of trauma. 

We offer you practical information about:
  • Treatment
  • Program design
  • Team dynamics
  • The latest brain research and how to apply it
  • Vicarious traumatization
  • Vicarious transformation
  • More 
Our mission is to translate current science and theory into practical tips that you can apply immediately in your job as a healer. 

We are there with you, like an adviser sitting on your shoulder, giving you tools to deal with the complex problems you encounter every day. 

You will learn practical techniques and know what to do next. Your team will receive tools and training materials to help you become a positive and effective team. We will share skills that are useful both professionally and personally. 

Programs experience less turnover when workers feel competent, successful, and are an appreciated member of a cohesive team. We will help you get there!

Our website will contain free information and tools to help you. Our subscribers will receive additional resources. Soon we will also offer courses and membership options for agencies and individuals.

 I hope to see you there!