Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Book: Trauma Informed Treatment: The Restorative Approach

My book, Trauma Informed Treatment: The Restorative Approach, is coming out this spring, published by NEARI press. Here is what Kay Saakvitne, PhD said about it: Dr. Saakvitne is the author of Risking Connection, Trauma and the Therapist, Transforming the Pain, and many other books, chapters and articles:

"Pat Wilcox conveys the accumulated wisdom of her years working with children too often overlooked by others in this remarkable and inspiring book. The Restorative Approach has the potential to radically change child mental health treatment (and parenting) for children with challenging behaviors and histories of trauma. Integrating current research on trauma and treatment with practicality, compassion, and ethics, Wilcox presents a compelling case for the Restorative Approach as a best practice in trauma-informed child treatment. The book is exceptional in its many detailed clinical examples of effective interventions making it immediately accessible and useful to all staff. Wilcox’s full exploration of all objections to the Restorative Approach convinces the reader of her complete understanding of the real conditions under which most child mental health settings function. Ultimately this book is inspirational; it offers hope for children, their families, and mental health professionals working with them. It should be required reading for all staff working with children in mental health systems. "

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Stephan Friedrich said...

I look forward to reading it and sharing with my colleagues and clients.