Monday, September 01, 2014

Aren't We Just Putting a Band-Aid on the Problem?

On 3/31/13 I wrote a post "A Small Thought About Band Aids" (

Now I have written a poem in response to the concern that certain interventions are "just putting a band aid on the problem".

Before I share the poem with you, I want to mention that we are VERY CLOSE to opening our new service. It is entitled "Partners for Healing" and will be your tool for more compassionate and effective healing.

After the poem I will give you an opportunity to sign up to learn more about your Partners for Healing, and receive a free infographic of the poem.

Aren't We Just Putting a BandAid on the Problem?

Let me be your band aid
Stretch over you
Protect you
Keep out the dirt and germs
Strengthen you
Cushion you - imperfectly-
From that jolt of pain 
When your wound hits the world. 
Let me cling to you
Enclosing you
As you heal.
As your skin knits together.
As your pain subsides.

As you become whole. 

I'd be very interested in your reactions to this poem. Click on "comment" below and tell me what you think.

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Emily Smith said...

Patricia, that was a beautiful poem. I have heard that trauma therapy work wonder for some people. I recently went through a difficult experience and I have been thinking of going to therapy to deal with what happened. I want to know more about trauma therapy before I make any decision. Do you know of any places were I could get more information.
Emily Smith |