Sunday, December 01, 2013

Professional Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for in my professional life. I think first of all the relationships I have developed all over the country, in Canada and Australia. I have come to know so manny good people trying to improve treatment throughout our system. I have learned about many cultures, from Hawaiian to North Dakotan to First Nation. I have enjoyed seeing the sights and the art.

And so many people have been kind and helpful and encouraging towards me!

I am immensely thankful for the people at Klingberg. My boss Steve Girelli is a constant source of intelligence, support, good ideas and kindness. My co workers Steve Brown, Marci Marciniek and Michelle Kenefick offer excellence in so many ways: creativity, hard work, attention to detail, skills and knowledge, and great relationships with our customers. Also at Klingberg Dave Tompkins is a constant reliable support, and others like Rebecca, Christine, Joe, Eileen, Mark, Sue make my job much more pleasant and interesting.

My professional life is greatly enhanced by my husband Roger Nielson, who is my advisor and marketing director. And my friends also support me.

I am most thankful for the whole phenomena  of trauma informed care. We are coming to trust our clients and realize that in behavior and words they are communicating the absolute truth. We are experiencing that change happens with safety and kindness, with collaboration and respect, not through coercion. We are actually beginning to realize that our clients will act better when they are happier.  Words are not always the answer. Our most important task is to give our clients the experience of connection with good, kind, trustworthy people.

I am thankful for the clients I have known who have inspired me and honored me with their truths. It is for them that I work so hard to change our treatment approach.

Does this sound like an Academy Award acceptance speech? I am so lucky professionally and wanted to take this Thanksgiving weekend to acknowledge my gratitude.

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