Sunday, August 11, 2013

Understanding a Child

Here are some basic questions to use as guidelines when trying to respond to problem behaviors in a child or youth: 

         What has happened to him?

         What has he learned about other people?

         What biological changes has he experienced?

         What skills has he learned to survive?

         What skills does he need to learn?  

When supporting parents or treaters in understanding behavior and responding to crisis:

         Ask how we understand the behavior using our formulation

         Relate to experiences in the child’s past

         Look for patterns

         Look for problem child is solving

         Consider fear and confusion

         Consider feeling overwhelmed

How can we help the child solve his problems in more positive ways?  

In responding to a crisis:

         Validate both adult and child

         If possible connect the child’s behavior to behaviors the adult has experienced in  their own life

         Look for ways to make amends and reconnect


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