Sunday, May 12, 2013

What's Happened and What's Happening

I thought I would let you know what we have been doing and what is coming next. This may also help explain why I have skipped some weeks writing in my blog.

I have been doing quite a bit of training in California. In an agency outside of Los Angeles we trained RC Basic, the Restorative Approach, and Train-the-Trainer. We also did a Train-the-Trainer and a Recertification in Santa Rosa.
Steve has been extremely busy working on a research project we are doing in the Yukon Territory in Canada. We are so lucky to have the continuing support of Courtney Baker from Tulane University.

While Steve was in the Yukon he made presentations to several government leaders, hopefully leading to a wider adaptation of RC.

I presented a webinar for NEARI press on the Restorative Approach, the topic of my book which they publish. In fact, we have become webinar pros. We have done several webinars for our trainers, on topics such as shame, supervision and neuro-feed back (coming soon).

Of course we continue to offer RC Basic, Train-the-trainers and Consultation Groups in CT. I am very proud of the Consult Groups, we gather great minds and discuss important topics. Our latest event was about using trauma informed supervision as the back bone of maintaining trauma informed care in agencies. This has resulted in engagements to train agency supervisors in this practice. I also presented this material at the CT NASW Annual Conference with an able partner, Rebecca Desautels LCSW. Let me know if you would like to know more about this.
Steve Brown did a training for the Berkshire School Counselors Organization. Both Steve and I presented at the MASOC conference this year. I did a pre-conference workshop on the Restorative Approach, and Steve presented a very popular workshop on Vicarious Traumatization.

I did an Introduction to Trauma speech for the students and alumni of the St. Joseph’s college MSW program, and spoke to a UConn School of Social Work class on Vulnerable Populations about children in the child welfare system.
I was proud and delighted to become a true Adjunct Faculty member at the UConn School of Social Work this year. I taught a class called Clinical Conditions of Children and Adolescents, and I loved it! I hope to do more,

I’m probably leaving some things out.
So what is happening next? Tuesday we have a recertification for a group of our CT trainers, and we have two more of these scheduled. I am excited to offer our trainers new materials. Next week is the aforementioned webinar on neuro feedback.

I’m doing a Train-the-Trainer for people who want to be trainers of foster parents in early June. I am lucky enough to train with Kay Saakvitne, PhD. There is still time to register for this one, if you have been through the RC basic.

Then in July Steve will be teaching a regular Train the Trainer, and you can also still register for that. The difference is that the first one is for people who want to train foster parents, the second for people who want to train foster parents.

While he is doing that I will be presenting two workshops in Mississippi at the Lookin’ to th Future conference at Natchez, Mississippi. I will also be doing an agency consult on that trip.
Then jumping ahead to a conference I will be doing a major event in October in North Dakota.  I will do an all-day Professional Conference for PATH ND, Inc.  a family and professional agency. Then the next day the 2013 ND Foster and Adoptive Family Conference begins. I will do a keynote and two workshops. They have promised me a microphone so I don’t end up with laryngitis as I did at the Vermont foster care conference.

I am looking forward to both of these events!
I think we may have other things already scheduled but I can’t remember any right now. I do know I am taking a few days off this week to recover my sanity.




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