Sunday, May 06, 2012

Risking Connection throughout Connecticut

I had a delightful experience this past week. I attended a Focus Group called together through the Connecticut CONCEPT grant. This is a federal grant that Connecticut has received to make the system of care more trauma-informed. This focus group was to question providers about their thoughts on the ways in which the system of care was trauma-informed, and how it could be improved.
The Focus Group consisted of about 15 providers, among whom I only knew a couple.
What was so moving is that when the questioner asked questions around agency practices that were trauma informed, almost all the agencies started talking about Risking Connectionâ. The providers spoke of using Risking Connectionâ as their main staff training vehicle, and requiring it for all staff. They described how RC had changed the way they operate with regard to clients. They spoke so enthusiastically about how important their participation is to them.
Another thing that was important to me was that when the questioner asked about attention paid to vicarious trauma, the providers again spoke of Risking Connectionâ. They credited RC for having brought their attention to these phenomena. They described many interventions their agencies had instituted to pay attention to VT and to make space for workers to discuss how the work was affecting them.
People also mentioned that having their trainers participate in our ongoing training and consult groups was important.
I didn’t expect any of this when I went to the Focus Group. It was so refreshing to hear how strong the influence of Risking Connectionâ is within Connecticut.

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