Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hawaii Trip

I took a long trip to Hawaii to teach Risking Connection Train-the-Trainer. The people are great, exemplify the aloha spirit. The diversity seems a source of richness appreciated instead of a source of conflict. We had some fruitful discussions on culture and VT. The thirteen hour flight and the six hour time difference really messed up my body. If I ever go again I won’t fly there, work three days, leave the night of the third day, and fly all night to get home. Thankfully I did get a little chance to drink in the beauty.


Susan said...

How nice to get to meet you, Pat, through your blog. Your photo seems to be of the Big Island, which I've visited. The "brand new land" which is created when the lava flows hit the Pacific Ocean symbolized new beginnings to me...I was married on a lava beach...and it seems your families and children are seeking new beginnings also.

Patricia Wilcox, LCSW said...

Good to hear from you, Susan! The picture was actually on Oahu. I haven't visited any of the other islands yet!