Monday, March 08, 2010

Dr. Robert Davis to present on Benefits and Implementation of Trauma Informed Care

Risking Connection® faculty trainer Dr. Robert Davis to present on Benefits and Implementation of Trauma Informed Care at the Doctor Franklin Perkins School in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

This workshop will describe efforts to implement a trauma-informed approach to residential treatment and an on-campus school environment. Over a five-year period, this multifaceted initiative resulted in substantial reductions in both physical management episodes and staff injuries. Research in the area of trauma-informed practices within residential schools is still in its infancy.


1. Participants will learn about the national movement toward use of trauma-informed strategies.

2. Participants will learn about the benefits of training interdisciplinary staff in Risking

Connection®, an established curriculum for working with traumatized youth.

3. Participants will learn about numerous trauma-informed milieu and/or classroom approaches which can be integrated into existing evidence-based models of treatment.

4. Participants will learn about future directions in trauma treatment for youth, including

several body-based interventions.

5. Participants will learn ways to anticipate and overcome many of the institutional challenges of implementing trauma-informed treatment.


Robert Davis, Psy.D. Director of Clinical Services, Devereux Rutland, MA

Dr. Robert Davis has served as the Director of Clinical Services at Devereux as well as the Chief Psychologist of Devereux’s APPIC-approved Predoctoral Clinical Training Program. He also is a Faculty Trainer for the Risking Connection® Training Program for which he has trained multidisciplinary staff from congregate care settings throughout the country.

The workshop will be from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The cost is $45 for Members and $65 for Non-members. (Lunch is Included in registration fee).

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