Sunday, February 14, 2010

Healing the Generations Conference

I want to highly recommend the second annual Healing the Generations conference at Foxwoods on March 25 and 26th. Last year’s conference was wonderful and this year looks to be even better. I am presenting on Trauma Informed Foster Care, Helping Survivor Parents and What We Know about the Brain and What We Should Do. My colleague Steve Brown is presenting on teaching Healthy Sexuality to High Risk Kids, and on our statewide initiative to use Risking Connection to train the staff of Extended Day Programs. This presentation, in conjunction with Marilyn Cloud from DCF, will include exciting new research demonstrating the effectiveness of the training. I hope to see you at the conference, and be sure and come up and say hello!

The Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic, Inc. Presents

Healing the Generations:

Second Annual Family Violence and Child Trauma Conference

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alicia F. Lieberman, PhD

Dr. Lieberman has spent her career trying to prevent and undo the emotional damage inflicted on people at very young ages. "Young children, even babies, remember traumatic events in their bodies with increases in stress hormones such as cortisol--the event makes a distinct impression on them." Investments made in the first three years of life have the best predictive role in creating positive change in a person's life, so the infancy years are crucial in shaping not only individuals, but society as a whole.
Dr. Lieberman's keynote and workshop will describe the impact of chronic adversity on parents' attitudes and child-rearing practices, illustrating the transmission of emotional difficulties and relational conflicts from one generation to the next. It will also describe how parents can surmount difficult child experiences to transmit a message of love and hope to their children.

Spotlight on Workshop Presenter:

Michael Mack

Haunted by memories of childhood clergy sexual abuse, Michael Mack wondered for decades if one day he might meet his abuser for a conversation. In 2008 he had that chance. Although Mack had anticipated countless scenarios, what happened was beyond anything he had ever imagined. He will deliver a theatrical monologue about the healing power of personal storytelling. He uses monologue "because when we can talk to ourselves consciously, we can experience healing more deeply."

Michael Mack is a poet, playwright, and solo performer best known for his one-man verse play "Hearing Voices (Speaking in Tongues)" about his mother's life with schizophrenia. Mack has performed Off-Off-Broadway, at the US Library of Congress, at Yale University, and for faculty and students of the Harvard Medical School.

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Up to 12 CEUs will be available through the Women's Consortium for MFT, LPC, LCSW, NASW and CCB.

Contact Info:

Jane Hendrickson at (203) 772-1270 ext 246 or

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