Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Connecting with Blog 4Nonprofits

As part of my participating in the Non Profit Blog Exchange Virtual Event ( I have been asked to review the blog: 4Nonprofits - A Blog From the Pace Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship. ( This is a quote from the description of this blog:
4Nonprofits features news and commentary presented by Rob Johnston, executive director of the Helene & Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship [1] at Pace University in New York. It aims to support the efforts of nonprofit leaders seeking to strengthen the management and entrepreneurial approaches of their organizations.

The Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship has as it mission "to promote social change through entrepreneurship." For nonprofit organizations, the Wilson Center will provide scholarly research, short training courses, advisory services, and roundtable discussions. For Pace undergraduate and graduate students, the Center will add additional nonprofit subject matter and courses to the University's current entrepreneurship offerings. For retirees and business people seeking to make a transition to the nonprofit sector, the Center will provide executive education.

I was excited to discover this extremely useful and informative blog. I was particularly interested in the active creation of connections between non profits and the business community, with the goal of enhancing both. I am interested in the blog post: Nonprofit Boards and the 'Duty of Imagination'. ( This suggests a more exciting role for board members, that of envisioning the possibilities in the non-profit. In my experience with the Board of my own non-profit, the Board members have many differing skills and talents, and can often inspire us to open our thinking and take more risks. They are used to the kind of thinking necessary to move a business forward into the future. Also, in this post and throughout this blog Robj emphasizes how participation in on profit governance can enhance the skills, careers and lives of business members who become involved.

I look forward to continued reading of this interesting blog.